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November 4, 1996 Press Contact: Sabrina Miller
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Is Amending the Constitution a Waste of Time?

In the last two years, members of Congress have proposed more than a dozen new Constitutional amendments. Bob Dole endorses no fewer than four constitutional amendments–on flag burning, prayer in the schools, a balanced budget, and term limits. President Clinton wants a Constitutional amendment to protect the rights of victims in the criminal justice system. Thursday, Nov. 7, a University of Chicago Constitutional Scholar will argue that trying to amend the Constitution is a futile gesture and that changes are more effectively left to the political process.

David Strauss
Harry N. Wyatt Professor
University of Chicago Law School

WHAT:"Does It Matter If We Amend the Constitution?”
Katz Lecture

WHEN:4 p.m., Thursday, Nov. 7, 1996

WHERE:Weymouth Kirkland Courtroom
University of Chicago Law School
1111 E. 60th St.
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