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Experts discuss growing debates in environmental law

The nation’s leading authorities on the legal issues of environmental policy will meet Friday, Nov. 1, and Saturday, Nov. 2, at the University of Chicago Law School. The keynote speaker for the conference, “Rethinking Environmental Protection for the 21st Century” will be C. Boyden Gray, an environmental attorney and former White House counsel to President George Bush.

“Environmental protection has become such a politically charged issue because our country has done a particularly poor job of setting regulatory priorities and choosing effective policy tools,” said Karl Wachter, symposium editor. “This symposium is a step toward reversing that trend by bringing together experts in risk analysis, public policy, and the law in order to rethink our approach toward environmental problems.”

The University of Chicago Legal Forum is a student-edited journal, published annually. Each volume examines a single topic of current interest to the legal community. Prior to publication, the Legal Forum holds a two-day symposium at the Law School so that the contributing scholars may present and debate their conclusions. All of the panel discussions are free and open to the public.

Following the symposium, the participants submit articles containing their research and conclusions. These articles are edited by students and, together with student-written comments, are published in the year’s volume of the Legal Forum. Previous Legal Forums have explored topics such as “A Free and Responsible Press,” “Toward a Rational Drug Policy,” and “Voting Rights and Elections.” The forthcoming journal volume will be the published version of last year’s topic: “The Law of Cyberspace.”

The symposium events will take place at the University of Chicago Law School, 1111 E. 60th St. The keynote address will be in the school’s auditorium; panel discussions will be in the school’s courtroom. The conference schedule is as follows:

Rethinking Environmental Protection for the 21st CenturyUniversity of Chicago Legal Forum FRIDAY, Nov. 1
4 p.m.
Keynote Address C. Boyden Gray is an attorney in Washington D.C. where he counsels on a range of regulatory matters with an emphasis on environmental issues, including those relating to biotechnology, trade, clean air, and risk management. Before that, Gray worked as Legal Counsel to Vice President George Bush, then as Director of the Office of Transition Counsel, and finally as Counsel to the President of the United States. Gray also served as Counsel to the Presidential Task Force on Regulatory Relief during the Reagan administration. Gray currently serves as Chairman of Citizens for a Sound Economy. SATURDAY, Nov. 2

9:30 a.m."Rational Priority Setting”
Moderator: Don L. Coursey, Dean of the Harris Graduate
School of Public Policy, University of Chicago "Legislative Approaches to Achieving More Protection at Less Cost" – John D. Graham, Harvard Risk Management Project

"Trust, Emotion, Sex, Politics and Science: Surveying the Risk-Assessment Battlefield.” – Paul Slovic, Decision Research

"Which Risks First?” – Cass R. Sunstein, University of Chicago Law School 11:15 a.m."Federal Regulation and its Alternatives"
Moderator: Gail Ginsberg, Regional Counsel
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

"Achieving Real Regulatory Reform" – Robert W. Hahn, American Enterprise Institute

"Regulatory Evolution and the Future of Environmental Policy"–Robert V. Percival, University of Maryland School of Law
Richard B. Stewart, New York University School of Law, will also present a paper 2:15 p.m."National Governments vs. International Problems”
Moderator: A. Dan Tarlock
Chicago-Kent College of Law "Rethinking Environmental Protection, Competitiveness, and International Trade” – Sanford Gaines, University of Houston Law Center

"Policy Instruments to Address Global Climate Change" – Robert N. Stavins, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University

"International Trade Agreements–Vehicles for Regulatory Reform?” – David A. Wirth, Washington and Lee University School of Law.
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