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Professor R. Darrell Bock contends state and local assessments of student achievement should be more closely linked to national standards

State and local assessments of student achievement should be more closely linked to national standards, contends R. Darrell Bock, Professor Emeritus in Education at the University of Chicago in a new report prepared for the National Academy of Education.

Bock will present his research Friday, April 12 at 8 p.m. in the Whitney Ballroom, fifth floor, Sheraton Manhattan Hotel, 790 7th Avenue, New York. The presentation, which is proceeded by a reception at 7 p.m., coincides with the annual conference of the American Educational Research Association.

In the report, Bock explains how new advances in assessment make it possible to link locally prepared tests to a national data base so that unified standards can be defined.

Bock says the problem with current approaches to standards setting is lack of ways to assurie that student learning in different school systems is moving toward the common goal the standards envision.

To remedy the problem and hold schools more accountable for student performance, Bock suggests that tests developed for state and local systems be referenced to a uniform national standard. By measuring success against this standard, educators will have a better way of finding how well students are learning and performing.

Bock suggests that compendia of exercises in various subjects, representing the content and performance to be assessed, should be made available to students and teachers ahead of testing. Exercises suitable for this purpose are already available from many sources, he said.

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