World’s largest Scavenger Hunt begins in Chicago
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World’s largest Scavenger Hunt begins in Chicago

[] Two students (above) pose in front of a working nuclear breeder reactor built in a shed, earning 3,954 points for their team in the Scavenger Hunt of 1999.


Hundreds of University of Chicago students have embarked on what is believed to be the world’s largest Scavenger Hunt. Teams of students have until Sunday, May 8th to collect the strange and arbitrary items on the Scav Hunt list, which is posted online at This year’s list has 286 items including:

  • Have your face projected in Millenium Park. [59 points]
  • A house of cards in a bottle. [52 points].
  • Demonstrate the power of primitive technology--using an atlatl
  • Spudzooka golf. Separate ‘zookas for driving, chipping, and putting potatoes are encouraged, though not required. (Points awarded based on strokes and style.)
  • Get circumcised. [73 points]
  • Build a 2004 election commemorative foosball table. [84 points] (Table must lean right).
  • Build a Rubik’s cube table. [4 points, cubed]
  • Official Superbowl XXXIX Champions and 2005 NCAA Champions paraphernalia. At least we can pretend. [13 points]
  • Build a memorial bronze bust of Terry Schiavo sufficiently heavy to hold down all the paperwork for our most recent Indian Casino lobbying venture. [38 points]
  • Build a calliope. [200 points].

Scav Hunt will last until Sunday, May 8th, Judgment Day.
ScavOlympics will take place from 2:00 to 4:00 on Saturday, May 7th.

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