Crisis Reaction: A Normal Response To An Abnormal Situation

From Perspectives, the University Staff and Faculty Assistance Program provider:

All of these feelings and reactions are normal and natural even though they may seem unusual and even though some are very different from others. We are all individuals. We all respond in our own way, differently.

The memory will always be a part of your life — the incident cannot be erased. Everyone moves at their own pace through the stages of crisis and of healing — everyone has their own clock. For some people, there may be ongoing problems.

Possible reactions:



Emotional First Aid After a Tragedy

What to expect, what to do, when to get help

The feelings and reactions that follow a sudden loss are a normal and natural response to a traumatic event. You and others may experience some of these in the days and weeks after the tragedy. As we are all individuals, your particular responses and their intensities will differ from others, as will your own pace through the healing and recovery process. These reactions are generally temporary and not of great concern, though for some people, there may be on-going problems.

What you may expect:

Self-help and practical things to do:

When to get professional help: